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Privacy Policy

Effective date: 07 February, 2019


Fossa Team has designed the solution with the only main goal to supply Gmail users with privacy via industry-grade email encryption (S/MIME) integrated into the web browser.

Fossa Team has developed this privacy policy to inform its Website visitors and Fossa Guard extension users about how Fossa Team will collect, use, share or otherwise process any personal data or usage information.

User Authentication

Website visitors and Fossa extension users are authenticated using Google OpenID. Fossa team doesn’t keep or transmit user identity using it exclusively to call Google services:

What cookies we use

Fossa web site uses following cookies:

What information we collect


How we use the information

Fossa server works as a lightweight independent Certificate Authority (CA) processing personal information provided by the user in accordance with basic certificate management requirements.

What information we share

Following the main goal of the solution the following information is shared publicly:

Should you have any questions or clarifications do not hesitate to contact