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Root Certificates
SHA1 Fingerprint: 60:49:75:29:DF:D6:4B:C9:08:C6:8D:C9:5F:BC:50:41:91:53:40:D1
SHA-256 Fingerprint: 6F:D7:9E:7E:C1:96:D9:6A:69:20:2B:7A:6C:78:96:C6:DF:B0:AF:F4:97:EA:9F:6F:40:E0:82:C7:6D:60:F1:72
Intermediate Certificates
SHA1 Fingerprint: 4E:C5:BC:81:11:A5:6F:CC:08:51:BD:C5:9C:DC:72:6F:29:54:F8:56
SHA-256 Fingerprint: 19:EA:E3:84:12:A5:2F:E5:BF:E1:53:3D:48:36:5C:2E:C9:55:35:19:EA:B5:39:85:8B:92:F0:AF:9F:B7:27:5C
Certificate Revocation Lists

Fossa.Me issues public certificates to users from its intermediate CA - Fossa.Me Authority F2.
Root CA is kept offline and is not accessible from outside.

The private keys for Fossa.Me Root F1 and Fossa.Me Authority F2 certificates are planned
to be stored with HSM (Hardware Security Module) protection to provide defense against keys steal.

Only RSA keys are used today, ECDSA keys have to be introduced.

Additional intermediate CA has to be introduced to allow servicing CSRs while Fossa.Me Authority F2 is down.
Fossa Team is proud to announce beta of S/MIME mailing solution according to the Terms and Conditions
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