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Secure e-mail becomes easy on desktop Chrome and Gmail
Get Fossa Guard extension (beta)
Compatible with
MS Outlook, Thunderbird, iOS Mail, Android Mail (with CipherMail)
Intelligent Security
Encryption and Signing

Fossa Guard has own autonomous
Compose and View dialogs to avoid
unsecured email content auto-saving.
Private key is protected by a pass-phrase
and stored in encrypted PKCS#12 archive.

Fossa Guard provides ability
to Sign and to Encrypt your emails.
Attachments are supported as well.
Certificates hierarchy popup menu helps
to decide about trust level.

Fossa Guard keeps list of trusted,
end-user certificates, and PKCS#12 archive
inside your Chrome storage synchronized by
Google across all your devices.

Free S/MIME certificate
Certification Authority
Ease of use issues
free and renewable X.509 certificate
upon Certificate Signing Request (CSR)
for personal S/MIME mailing. is a lightweight
Certification Authority (CA) with an online
S/MIME certificate registry (via REST API)
and CRL support. does not require
any registration
except valid Google account
to start S/MIME mailing.

Fossa Team is proud to announce beta of S/MIME mailing solution according to the Terms and Conditions
Please contact for additional information

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